The photo essay is done where your pet feel happy. He has to be confortable to feel free and don´t worry about the place. His confortable must to be priorized to get nice poses.

All photographies receive basic image treatment.

First option: 15 photos 10x15cm and a cd with the pictures in high resolution;

Second option: 20 photos 15x21cm and a cd with the pictures in high resolution;

The session takes around two hours, depending on the pet.

Achieve your pet´s trusting is crucial. After that I gonna take all moments on my camera.

It´s important to remember that your presence is important to your pet feel safe.

It´s alway helpful to leave toys or objects that he likes next to him. He gonna be entertained making the essay easier.

In the essay´s day, is highly recomended to wash and brush your pet´s fur to get nicer pictures.

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